June 4, 2012


*behind the scene photos of the Tunnel Vision June 2012 lookbook

We were beyond thrilled when Seaghna of Lights Drive My Soul accepted to be our June lookbook model. Not only is her style ridiculously original and inspiring, but she's humble, kind, and freaking rad in person. 
We asked her a few questions so our readers could get a piece of her awesomeness (seriously, her answer to our last question is just perfect).
1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Seaghna, but most people call me Sea. I'm a blogger and creative type from a small beach town in Southern California. Obsessed with music, the ocean, pizza, playing dress up, laughing at my own jokes, crazy colors, and anything weird.

2. How would you describe your style in one sentence? 

ever-evolving/nonsensical/gypsy-punk-goth-mermaid/heavily influenced by the 90's

3. Besides blogging, what else do you do? 

I'm pretty laid back. For the most part I enjoy relaxing and laughing with friends and family. Being on the beach, reading a good book, or writing in one of my many journals. I'm always taking pictures everywhere I go. I like surrounding myself with people and things that keep my creative side alive. Casually lying around in wigs while binging on fage yogurt and pizza=livin' the dream.

4. What was your favorite item that you wore during the TV lookbook shoot? 

So hard to choose! I wanted to keep every single piece for myself. But if I haaaad to pick, I'd probably say it's a toss up between the the western suede fringe cropped poncho and the vintage beaded embroidered horse vest.

5. Any words of wisdom you'd like to pass on to our readers?

5. If I was to give any advice to anyone, it would be to stay true to yourself and who you really are beneath the surface. Don't try to fit into the mold that society tries to place you in and don't be afraid of standing out and being 'different'. The things I hated most about myself when I was younger are the things I have grown to appreciate most about myself over time. Embrace your uniquities!


  1. That last answer really is inspiring - and that first picture is just perfect. Her hair is all kinds of awesome.

    Thanks again for the discount code! <3

  2. She's stunning! Love her hair and these ensembles rock!
    Following you guys on BL now